Ways To Make Your Bachelorette Party Memorable With Custom T-Shirts

A night of hanging out and partying with your closest gal pals is one of the high points before the wedding. Adding details, such as your own personalized shirts, can make your bachelorette party even more memorable.

Why Go Custom?

Other than being cute and fun, putting the whole party in matching t-shirts provides other benefits. For example:

  • If you're running a group tab, it's easy for your server to spot who is in your party.

  • The shirts provide a simple, and useful, gift for your friends and bridesmaids that are celebrating with you.

  • You have a souvenir of your big night out.

  • Shirt help you play up the theme, if your party has one.

  • No one has to worry about what to wear, so you can just concentrate on the fun.

Get Witty

Depending on the planned activities, you can have a lot of fun with your dress. You can keep it simple and just label the shirts with "bride" or "bridesmaid," or you can come up with your own party logo or saying. Ideas include:

  • Create a caution sign logo with the warning that there is a "Bachelorette Party in Progress."

  • Use the slogan "Last Fling Before the Ring," with the bride's name and date beneath.

  • For a destination event, such as a Las Vegas wedding, place the city or location name in the center, followed by the bride's name and the date.

  • Go with a sport theme. Have custom jersey's printed with the party-goer's names and assign them a number. Naturally, the bride is number 1, the maid-of-honor number 2, and so forth.

  • Go with a "Team Bride" design.

You can get shirts custom printed on both the back and the front. This allows you to use the same design on the back of all the shirts and to personalize the front, or vice versa.

Customization Choices

You have two options when customizing t-shirts: do it yourself or have it done professionally. The do-it-yourself method requires a printer and and iron-on printer sheets. These shirts aren't as durable as professionally printed t-shirts.

The professional option gives you the greatest choice for shirt color and design options. The shirts will have the same quality as any screen printed clothing item, so they will stand up well to wear and washing. Most printers have bridal and party packages that will allow you to make further customizations for the bride and wedding party members.

Nail the Details

Shirts are fun, but why not add a few more details? A small veil or tiara for the bride helps her stand out from the crowd. You could also get custom hats printed to match the shirts, or sunglasses if it's a daytime event. If the weather is cold and you will be outside a lot, you can skip the t-shirts and have hoodies printed up instead.

Whichever slogan you choose or details you add, the most important thing is to have a good time bonding with the ladies in your life. Make it a night to remember, but make sure you get home early enough so that you are well rested for your wedding day. If you want more help, try contacting a company like Scorpion Graphics Inc. with your questions about preparing shirts for your bachelorette party.

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