How To Build A Custom Homemade Beer Pong Table

Beer pong tables, like those at Skip's Garage, are mostly used by college students as a drinking game.  However, many premium beer pong tables are pricey, forcing many people to actually pay more money than they need to or to avoid a beer pong table all together.  In reality, you can construct a high quality beer pong table on your own that's not only portable, but will last you and your friends for many years as well.

Material Needed

Before you can begin the building process, you need the necessary materials.  You'll need a large piece of plywood, colored tape, sandpaper, paint brushes, white primer and paint colors of your choosing, a ruler, a marker, and a polyurethane can. 

Building the Beer Pong Table

Building your own beer pong table is very inexpensive and can be completed in just a few hours. Begin by placing the piece of plywood over a flat and elevated surface; most people prefer a dining table as it is sturdy to hold the plywood and any additional weight that might be put on it during game play. 

This piece of plywood should be anywhere in between eight feet by two feet to eight feet by four feet.  There's no size that the table needs to be according to the rules, so you'll have to make the decision here.  Use sandpaper over the entire plywood until it is very smooth, then dust off all of the sand dust that will collect.  If you want the table to be extra smooth, sandpaper it all over one more time.

If there's one thing that's a threat to destroying your beer pong table, it's spilled beer.  Fortunately, you can take another step forward to proof your table against beer so it can be used repeatedly.  Use white primer to paint the top and sides of the table, and then let it dry.  After this, you can add another coat of primer for extra reinforcement against spilt beer, and then color over the table with paint colors of your choosing. 

Now, you have to draw the lines over the now colored piece of plywood.  If you know how to play beer pong table, then you should know how to draw the lines: a line through the middle of the plywood, and two additional lines twelve inches away from the edge (the out of bounds area).  You can draw the lines with a marker and then add colored tape over the marker lines if you want.

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