3 Knock-His-Socks-Off Birthday Gift Tips

Buying birthday gifts for the men in your life doesn't have to be an arduous task. There are plenty of companies who cater to men's tastes and lots of products on the market that are made to specifically bring joy to the heart of any guy. These three types of gifts can give you some good starting points for doing your birthday gift shopping for the men you love! 

1. Tech

Men love technology. Anything that will make their life more streamlined, automated, or voice-activated is something that they're going to cherish. Take a moment to think about the things that he loves to do the most. Examples might be fishing, chess, basketball, television, grilling, gaming, or football. A quick Google search will let you know what specific products are available on the market that can help improve a jump shot or monitor internal temperatures of venison steaks. When you're getting tech for a guy, think about what's cool, new, and efficient. 

2. Clothing

It may not sound all that exciting, but guys can be impressed by clothes as much as the next person. If you know that he has gotten a new position where he'll need a nearly brand new wardrobe, get it for him! That will save him a boring shopping trip and give him something that he'll use every day. Pay attention to what brand his favorite pair of basketball shoes are made by, or which color tie he never fails to wear to church. 

You can also get him clothing that eliminates some of the more annoying aspects of getting dressed. Bunching, wedgies, chafing, overheating, and freezing are just a few of these. There is lots of new clothing technology available that can offer underwear that never give him a wedgie, robes that help regulate body temperature, or even snow gear with internal heating components. 

3. Travel

One of the most valuable things you can give to anyone is a fond memory. Get him a trip to somewhere he's always wanted to go. Plan to go with him, or just give him two tickets and let him decide who he wants his trip partner to be. He'll return with photos and stories that he'll appreciate for a lifetime. 

Choosing specific gift is always easier when you know someone better. If you're having trouble deciding on which city in Japan to send him to, what color robe to buy, or what size tablet to get, consult with people who are a little closer to him than you: spouses, children, parents, or even co-workers. They may have just the extra information you need to get his birthday gift just right! 

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