Create A Modern But Country Themed Kitchen: What Items You Need

If you want to decorate the kitchen in your home to look like a traditional country style space, there are many easy ways to get the look that you want. You can look at different country kitchen product lines for dishes, hand towels, signs, appliances and accessories for the space, and there are some other items you can add to make the space look great.

There are many different types of country decor pieces and styles you can pick from, depending on if you want a western country, French country or rustic country feel. Here are a few things to consider using in the space.

Animal Printed Pieces

Dishes, wallpaper and other items that are printed with roosters, chickens, cows or other type of barn animals are a great way to bring the country life into your kitchen. You can get a few statement pieces with the patterns and keep the rest of your dishes a neutral color, or you can choose to have everything printed. There are many decor companies that offer country animal prints.

Barn Wood Furniture

Adding a kitchen island, table and bench or chairs, or even a pantry that is composed of reclaimed barn wood is a great way to get high quality and stylish options for the home, while sticking to your design theme. These pieces can be sanded and stained to look weathered, or they can be painted to look new. You can find these pieces in furniture stores, commission them from custom furniture builders, or make them on your own.

Antique and Rustic Pieces

You can find antique style pieces at home decor stores in your area, or you can go to thrift shops and antique stores to find real rustic items for your home. You can get old milk jugs or milk crates, old picture frames, rustic style utensils for decoration, and more. Online classified sites are also a great place to find rustic items.

If you have dreamed of having a country style kitchen with a warm and homey feel, you have to put the right pieces in the space to make it feel authentic. You can still have a modern kitchen that has the latest appliances and materials, but you can choose colors and stains that will make the space feel like a country haven. Check local providers or search for country kitchen decor online, and start designing your new kitchen with custom and authentic pieces to make it reflect your personal tastes.

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