Try Commericial Equipment Before You Buy It: The New Approach To Thrift Shopping And How It Can Work For You

You have probably heard about stores that offer commercial rental equipment. They have everything you need to dig ditches and run a small shop, but did you know that you could buy the equipment too? In fact, it is considered the newest trend in "thrift shopping," and here is how it works.

Trying Equipment Before You Buy It

One of the best things about renting equipment instead of buying it is that you can rent it, try it out, and if it does not suit your needs, you just return it. There is no commitment to the purchase and no haggling with a sales associate about returning a used product. What is more, if you discover that you like how a certain piece of rental equipment does a job for you, you have the option of buying it rather than returning it. However, that is not the "thrift" part of this new type of shopping. The "thrift" part of shopping this way is waiting for the rental store to unload its used equipment in favor of new stock.

Waiting for the Equipment to be Put on Clearance or Wholesale

Just like car dealerships, some equipment rental stores will regularly unload part of their inventory to make way for newer, better products. This is when you can buy the equipment you have previously tested and used for a fraction of what you would have bought it for before. The waiting game may be anxiety-producing, but the deep pocket discounts you can get by waiting for these products to be on clearance or wholesale is well worth it. Since the rental store cannot sell anything that does not work, you also know that you are getting the equipment you want and need and that it will still work once you remove it from the sales floor. You also know it has been well-maintained as a reliable rental. 

Getting the Inside Scoop

Employees in a rental store who have worked there the longest are the ones to ask about the upcoming "inventory reduction sales." The sales you are looking for only typically happen a few times a year, so you may want to ask about them when you return your rented equipment. Some stores may even be willing to put your name on a call/contact list for that very piece of equipment so that you can get a "heads up" about the next sale on that particular item and get into the store before other interested parties can. These tips will help you take full advantage of the "rental thrift sale" opportunities in your area. For more information, you can click this link.

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