Cheap And Charming: How To Create Your Own Cottage Garden And Still Have Money In The Bank

Are you short on cash but dream of having your own garden? Do you find yourself walking through the outdoor section of your local garden center and wishing you could afford to create the lovely outdoor design on display? If so, look no further than cottage gardening.

What is a cottage garden?

Cottage gardens embrace nature. They are typically smaller than traditional gardens, and they are known best for their eclectic style. Nearly anything goes in a cottage garden. No formal design is necessary.

Cottage gardens are low maintenance and bring a cheerful and casual atmosphere to your outdoor space. It's not uncommon for a cottage garden to be used in place of grass in a small front or back yard.

Plant diversely

A cottage garden can be home to fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Variety is the key. The great thing about cottage-style gardening is you can always add more plants and trees later. To save money, start your garden by choosing several plants that catch your eye, and add to your garden as you can afford it.

Avoid planting too many of the same flowers or the same colors. A wide range of colors will add the perfect old-world charm to your garden.

Think heirloom

Look for plants that have vintage appeal. You can't go wrong with roses. Other heirloom plants include clematis, hollyhocks, hydrangea, lamb's ear, and delphiniums.

Be sure to check with your local garden center for recommendations regarding which types of plants thrive best in your area and climate.

Add a seat

Shop for cheap outdoor furniture for sale to use in your cottage garden. This isn't the place for a large or fancy furniture set. A small sitting area along the garden path or under an arbor or pergola is all you need.

Look for a small metal table and two metal chairs to create a small area for enjoying your morning coffee or sipping iced tea on a hot afternoon. Used wicker or rattan furniture will also work well in your cottage garden.

Cottage accents

Shop discount stores for cheap arbors, pergolas, garden gates, bird baths, fences, or outdoor statues. Flea markets and yard sales are also good places to find cheap accent pieces for your garden.

No need to limit the amount of accent pieces in your garden. Cottage gardens tend to appear full and busy. Again, begin with an item or two you can't resist and have fun adding to your garden as your budget permits.

Let nature be your master

Your cottage garden should have a natural flow to it. Don't be quick to trim back plants that are a bit overgrown. Allow a few weeds to grow among the flowers for a true natural look.

If volunteer plants show up in your garden, leave them alone. The goal is to create paths, borders, and flower beds that appear organic and nature-inspired.

Being short on cash doesn't mean you can't have your own garden. Cottage gardening is charming and cheap. Simply start small, let nature be your guide, and watch your charming cottage garden grow over time.

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