Decorating For The Seasons And Special Events With Garden Statues

Lawn ornaments, or garden statues, are an immensely popular accessory for decks, patios, and landscapes. They are available in numerous sizes and styles. Their use can add humor, a touch of tranquility or a little elegance and all at a budget-friendly price. Because it is possible to find an endless variety of inexpensive garden statues online, it is easy for any homeowner to create a collection and switch them out for the seasons or special occasions. 

To Welcome Spring

There are few times more exciting than spring. When the winter cold and gloom has finally gone away and the world starts to reawaken, it seems as if everyone wants to be outside. Garden statues are the perfect way to fill a garden that is just beginning to bloom again. Adding nature-inspired statues like animals, butterflies or even floral designs will give the landscape a spring feeling and a little color while waiting for nature to take over. 

The Growing Garden

As shrubbery and flowers grow taller and more lush through the summer, the smaller statuettes and ornaments may become lost. At this point, it is often more flattering to the landscape to remove the smaller items put out in the spring and decorate with pieces that are more in-scale with the surroundings.  

Decorating for Events

Garden statues are available in so many designs it is possible to find something that will provide a fun and decorative touch for any outdoor gathering. Mythical subjects like fairies or unicorns or cute animal shapes are perfect for a child's birthday party. Angels and cherubs are lovely accessories to use during an outdoor wedding and reception. There are even statues that are appropriate for specific holidays. Figures draped in stars and stripes for the fourth of July, bunnies for Easter and pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving, for example.  

Lighting the Way

Many garden statues have lights to make them as functional at night as they are beautiful during the day. They can be equipped with either solar panels or LED lights for a soft glow bright enough to light a path. Several lighted statues will provide just the right ambiance for a late-night romantic dinner on the patio.

Garden statues should always be thoroughly cleaned before they are stored. This will prevent any mildew or algae growth and make certain the statue is ready for display immediately out of storage. Inexpensive statues are often made of a plastic resin that can be safely cleaned with a mixture of water and dish soap. Allow the statues to dry thoroughly before they are packed away. Resin models are useful for a number of reasons. They are lightweight, are less likely to chip or crack than concrete or marble and they clean up easily. 

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