Hang On To The Hula: Tips To Remember Your Hawaiian Vacation After You Arrive Home

Coming home from a vacation can be bittersweet; on the one hand, you are still excited about your journey, but it can seem like a distant memory amid the stressors of everyday work and life. It can be tough to hang on to the positive feelings and joy of a Hawaiian holiday after your return home. Try some of these tips to maintain that island vibe long after you have left the beach:

Host a coming-home party. Plan an after-vacation party when you arrive home to share your pictures, slides, and souvenirs with friends and family. Prepare Hawaiian dishes and inspire your guests with floral leis, music, souvenir party favors, and a beach-theme for your event.

Create your holiday cards. Choose a photo from your vacation shots to use for you holiday greeting cards. Giving others a card with a picture of your family soaking up the sun in Hawaii can be inspiring, especially during chilly winter months.

Start a shadowbox. Select a sampling of your souvenirs, seashells, and other treasures to display in a shadowbox. These frames typically accommodate small trinkets which can be hung on a wall and added to during your next vacation.

Buy souvenirs that make sense. When shopping on your vacation, look for items that have some everyday practicality. These are things that you will be able to use every day during your normal routine, and that will likely make you smile each time you see them. Instead of buying wild and wacky mementos during your journey, seek out pragmatic purchases such as:

  • Towels, dish-wipers, and linens that you can use regularly around the house.
  • Clothing and garments that have a Hawaiian vibe but that are practical enough to wear to work or school.
  • Hawaiian-themed pet products, such as plush toys, collars, or beach-inspired apparel.
  • Local foods, spirits, and spices make good souvenirs. This will also allow you to recreate your favorite recipes and beverages when you get back home.

Treat family and friends to a taste of your Hawaiian vacation by sharing some of these suggestions with them when you arrive home. Keeping mementos of your trip around the home shouldn't make you feel melancholic, but should serve as a reminder of the fun you had and the experiences that you have to look forward to. Try these tips to keep your vacation fresh in your mind as you plan your next family excursion! For more souvenir ideas, consider checking out companies like Marue & Gertz Ltd.

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