Concealed Carry Do's And Don'ts

If you have your concealed carry license, you know that this is a privilege as well as a serious responsibility. When it comes to actually using your concealed carry permit, there are a few things all gun owners should do, as well as things they should not do. Even if you've been a permit holder for a long time, it's important to remember these tips so you can make sure you're carrying safely and obeying the law at all times.


Here are a few things you should be doing as a concealed carry license holder:

  • Be rational. Remember that owning a gun is a right that can easily be taken away if you break the law. While having a concealed weapon is a means of personal protection, it should only be used as a last resort. Never announce that you're carrying a gun, and only brandish your weapon in serious situations where you plan to actually use it in order to save your life.
  • Know the law. When travelling to other states, it's your responsibility to know the current laws of each state you travel through. If you get pulled over in a state that does not allow concealed carry, you could face serious penalties and even jail time. Be aware of the laws where you plan to travel so you carry smartly.
  • Practice safety. Part of responsible gun ownership is understanding how to safely handle and use a firearm. Always keep the safety on and make sure you lock your gun in the trunk of your car when you leave the vehicle to prevent potential theft. Clean your gun regularly and practice shooting at a local gun range so you're confident about using your gun.


Here are some things concealed carry license holders should avoid doing:

  • Never travel on a bus, airplane, or other method of transportation with a gun. If you want to take your gun along on a flight, it must be unloaded and checked in with the airline inside of a locked case. Never bring a loaded gun on board any form of public transportation.
  • Do not assume that just because you hold a concealed carry permit, you're allowed to bring it with you to every location. Most schools, churches, and government buildings are considered gun-free zones, and if you have a weapon on your person, you could be arrested. Some private businesses also prohibit firearms on their property, so you need to be aware of the individual rules to avoid any issues. 
  • Do not become complacent about carrying your gun. Remember that guns are deadly weapons and should be treated with respect at all times. It is important that you stay diligent and aware of where your gun is, that the safety mechanism is on, and that you always lock it away safely when it's not in use. 

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