How To Make Extension Cords More Tolerable

If you use a lot of appliances in your home, you will likely have many extension cords that you do not know what to do with. After awhile, it can become difficult to organize them when they are not in use. Also, a space that is dominated by power cords stretching every which way looks terrible. However, there are a few tricks you can use that can make it easier to organize your extension cords.

Tie The Cables

A simple solution for controlling your wires is to tie them with cable ties. Reusable Velcro ties are especially easy to use. Cable ties can keep cords close together so they do not spread out and get in the way. 

Install A Few Hubs To Wrap The Cables Around

Consider installing a few hubs. These are objects that can be installed in a location where you commonly place a lot of your cords. Wrap your cords around the hub so that any loose wire is not in the way. By strategically placing the hubs, you can control exactly where the cords go.

Use The Over-Under Technique

Learn how to wrap your cords the same way roadies wrap them by using the over-under technique. Coil the cord with the thumbs facing the same direction. Then, coil the cord with the thumbs facing the opposite direction. Wrapping the cord in this way avoids the twists and turns that can make the cable more difficult to handle and that places the cord in an unnatural state, which could increase the chances that the cord is damaged. At the very least, you should make sure that the cords are all wrapped while moving in the same direction so that they do not get tangled.

Stuff Them In A Paper Towel Tube

An alternative for storing cords neatly is to place them inside a paper towel tube. This will keep the cords together and can make it easier to stack several paper towel tubes filled with power cords. 

Place Stickers On The Cords To Label Them

When you plug a large number of cords into an extension cord adapter, it can be easy to lose track of what each one is. To avoid this problem, place labels on the heads of each cord so you can identify which cords go with which appliances. You can even print out symbols that represent the things that each of the cords corresponds to.

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