Selling Your Old Wii, Xbox Or Playstation? Try These Options First

When you have an outdated video game console that is still functional, and you want to buy a newer model, you are probably going to try every which way to sell what you have and trade up. Since not all of these methods or avenues work, it can get very frustrating very quickly. Here are some options you should try first if you are attempting to sell your old Wii, Xbox or Playstion consoles.

Electronics Wholesalers

Electronics wholesalers frequently buy and sell used and reconditioned electronics. That is a bonus for you because even if there is something slightly awry with your gaming console, the wholesaler may buy it at a reduced price, fix the issue, and sell it as reconditioned. If there is nothing noticeably wrong with your game system, you will probably get fair market value by selling it to an electronics wholesaler. Additionally, while you are attempting to cut a sale deal on your old console, you can pick up a newer, albeit probably used/reconditioned, model of the gaming console you want to own next. Otherwise, you can buy a new, in-box, wholesale-priced system for less than the retail chains charge.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops love to buy old gaming systems because they know they can sell electronics quickly. What is more, you can barter with the pawn shop agent on the sale price of your old system, or barter for a trade and cash sale on another gaming system already in the pawn shop. Most pawn shops also provide you with a week to a month to return electronics and game systems if they do not work or break down, which means that there is a low-risk guarantee on the deal you make.

Online Auctions

While most people think that it is a good idea to sell your old game systems to video game stores, the truth is is that these stores frequently offer far less than what your system is really worth. In fact, you may be offered so little for your system that it may not have been worth it to drive to the store to see what you could get. Instead, go with online auctions to sell your system. Most of the time you can sell it for a flat fee or start with the minimum amount you would take for the system and let the bidders decide what they are willing to pay for it.

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