Simple Ways To Maintain The Value Of Your Collectible Figurines

When you shop for collectible figurines, you should have an idea in your mind about whether you're buying them to play with them or to display. Many people enjoy the former strategy, but playing with them isn't ideal if you want to keep the figures as an investment. If you decide to go the latter route, there are some specific rules that you should follow to keep the value of the collectibles as high as possible. While you won't get the joy out of playing with them on the floor, you'll likely have a reason to smile when it comes time to sell them. Here's how to proceed.

Keep Them In Their Packages

Collectors love their figurines unopened and in the original packages, which means that removing your figures to check them out close up — if even for a brief moment — can dramatically lower the value when you're ready to sell them. Keeping the figures in the original packaging is perhaps the most important rule when it comes to maintaining value. Additionally, make sure that the packaging is as pristine as possible. When you shop, select figures in packaging that has crisp edges, isn't dented or scratched and hasn't faded from exposure to sunlight.

Find The Right Room For Them

A simple way to protect the value of your collectible figurines is to carefully put the packages in larger boxes and store them somewhere out of harm's way. The problem with this idea, however, is that you won't get to enjoy the figurines. If you like the idea of having them displayed in your home, make sure that you select the right room. The figures should ideally never be in direct sunlight, as it can fade the colors on the packaging (and sometimes the figures themselves), which will reduce the value. In a basement is often ideal, as the small windows don't let in a lot of natural light.

Store Them Out Of Reach

A tall shelf — perhaps one that runs around the perimeter of the room like a plate rail — is an ideal way to store your collectible figures, given that they'll stay out of reach. If you have children or there are children visiting your home, you don't want them to be able to easily grab one of the figures. The oil from someone's hands, over time, can leave marks on the packaging and, of course, there's always the chance that a child drops one of the packages and damages it.

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