3 Tips To Help You Get Started Prospecting For Gold And Selling Your Findings

If you have always dreamed about striking it rich and selling gold that you have dug from the ground yourself, now is a good time to start. There are still many areas around the country where there is plenty of gold to be found, such as Alaska, California, and Georgia, as well as many other states with significant gold deposits. Before you get started with your prospecting hobby, there are a few things that you will want to know about gold prospecting and selling your finds. Here are some tips to help you get started with gold prospecting and get the cash rewards for your hard work:

1. Getting The Permissions You Need To Start Gold Prospecting

A lot of the gold claims throughout the country are on private land, which is where you may want to go to do your prospecting. This is because the federal lands may be protected and prospecting is often prohibited. Usually, if you talk to a property owner, it can be fairly easy to get permission to pan for gold. There are also maps of areas where you can pan for gold and find public lands where you do not need permission. Always check before you start digging to avoid any conflicts.

2. The Equipment You Need To Start Hunting And Keeping It Light

There is a lot of different equipment that you can use for prospecting for gold. Some of this can be simple and affordable, while complicated machines like dredges can cost thousands of dollars. If you plan on hiking to some of the place to look for gold, you will want to keep a light pack, which can be just a simple bucket, sluice box, and a pan. This is a great way to find gold and precious gems in creeks. If you have permission on private property, you can also use a mechanical dredge to sort through more material faster.

3. Processing Your Gold And Keeping It Safe For Selling To A Buyer

Processing your gold is the next important step in prospecting if you plan on selling it. Once you have a significant amount of materials, you will want to separate it and remove any debris and none of the gold materials. If you have things like gems like quartz with gold in them, you may want to save them and sell them as a single piece to a buyer. The pure gold can be heated and partially refined to take it to a buyer to get cash or an estimated value on your find.

These are some tips that can help you get started with gold prospecting and get the cash rewards for your finds. If you have a significant amount of treasure, contact a gold buyer, such as Palace Jewelry & Loan, to find out exactly how much it is worth.  

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