Some Great Ideas for Your Favorite Framed Family Photos

If you have many beautiful family photos filling up albums or drawers, consider some ways to get them out of storage and on display for all to see. While it may not make sense to simply fill rooms and walls with these memories, there are some tasteful and eye-catching grouping ideas that will create a loving focal point in your home.

Some display ideas for your favorite photos are;

Modern, linear designs. Use photos that are approximately the same size and color, such as all black and white 5"x7" pictures, and have them framed in identical, custom frames. Line these on your wall in rows for a contemporary, modern wall display. For example, use the same black varnished frames and white matte for your vintage photographs or light pine frames with a taupe matte for sepia-tone photos.

Your family tree. Hang a few of your favorite framed photographs on a bare wall; use paint-pens or tempera paint to stencil and draw the branches of a tree around your pictures. This will connect the different frames together to create one captivating focal point in your room. This is a great idea to use in a child's room, making a mural of memories!

A patchwork quilt. Go with a hodge-podge of different frames, mattes, shapes, and sizes for an oddly polished-looking patchwork design. Fill in small spaces or gaps with tiny framed pictures; a custom framing retailer can make frames to fit any of your cherished photos. Look for unique textures, vintage finishes, and additional embellishments to add variety to your wall display.

Chic shadowboxes. If you have an old dresser taking up space in your garage or attic, re-purpose the drawers to create custom framed shadowboxes to hold photos, trinkets, and collectibles. First, remove the hardware from the dresser drawer and treat it to a fresh coat of paint. Next, take the drawer to your custom framer and have them measure the opening for a frame that fits. You may want to line your drawer as it will serve as the background for whatever you put inside. Wallpaper samples, contact paper, or fabric remnants work well in a dresser drawer. Then, glue the frame to the top of the drawer, so that it is flush with the sides. You won't be using the frame's glass for this project so the top will remain open and accessible. Mount the bottom of the drawer to the wall so the framed opening is exposed and you can fill this shadowbox with your favorite things!

Show off your gorgeous photos with custom frames to protect, preserve, and enhance them. Use these tips to create tasteful groupings throughout your home that will evoke memories your family and friends will enjoy. Visit framing sites or shops like Hoosier Highlander to find unique materials and frame options, as well as to have custom frames made for your photographs. 

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