Want To Dress Like A Goth? Try These Tips

A gothic (or goth) look can be one that is immediately striking and different. If you've grown tired of your regular way of dressing, you may want to put on some casual gothic attire and try something new. Use these tips for creating the overall look.

Stick with Black

By most accounts, the biggest thing to remember when you're dressing in a gothic fashion is to wear black; the more black you have on, the better. Whether you're putting on a band t-shirt or squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans, if you aren't wearing a significant amount of black, you're not giving off a goth vibe. If there's a bit of color--for instance, on your band t-shirt--that's acceptable, but black should be the main color.

Wear the Right Legwear

If you're a female, you don't have to stick to pants and trousers to look like a gothic princess. Very long skirts and mini-skirts are equally acceptable; you just need to pay attention to the kind of legwear you put on with them. Try knee-high black socks or fishnet stockings. Steer clear of "girly" designs like flowers or "preppy" designs like argyle patterns.

Wear Boots

One of the hallmarks of a goth look is the footwear. While black canvas sneakers and mary jane shoes are sometimes worn by those going for the look, the most iconic representation of goth casual attire is the work or military-style boot. Whether reaching to the calf or the knee, boots are a major part of the goth mystique. As with your clothing, you may opt to venture into a color other than black, but if you do, make sure that you use very little color everywhere else.

Head to the Thrift Store for Outerwear

If you have seen a crowd of goth teens, you'll notice that they are seldom wearing the latest in furs or puff jackets. Even those who love gothic clothing need to stay warm in the winter, though, and there's one place you can go that can get you just the right coat: the local thrift store.

At the thrift store, you can find military-style jackets and pea coats, the most common types of outerwear worn by those who wear gothic clothing frequently. As usual the best color to choose is black, but if you find something you like, the color isn't as important as the style.

Remember Makeup

Once you've got your casual gothic attire on, don't sabotage the entire look by using a lot of bronzer and putting on bright pink lipstick. A true goth has a very pale face with either black or crimson red lipstick.

Use the information here to create an authentic gothic look when you're ready to try something different. Check out different goth style blogs and visit various gothic attire retailers like Andromeda Of The Dark to get more ideas.

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