Why Use Needlepoint Design Canvases?

Needlepoint is a type of embroidery that uses small stitches to cover painted canvases. Needlepoint canvases allow crafters of all ages to create unique works of thread art. Here are four reasons to start your needlepoint journey using needlepoint design canvases:

1. Choose from hundreds of beautiful designs.

Every needlepoint canvas starts with a painting. Fortunately, you don't need incredible drawing skills in order to create beautiful needlepoint designs. Needlepoint design canvases are pre-painted so you can start sewing immediately. There are hundreds of beautiful designs you can choose from across every category and theme. You can create animals, flowers, funny sayings, and even portraits in needlepoint. All you need to do is pick the design that you like best. 

2. Keep your hands busy.

Many people spend the majority of their time multitasking. The ability to do many things at once can offer advantages in a busy world. However, you may find that you still have trouble settling down when it's time to relax. Having something to do with your hands can help. Small needlepoint design canvases can be worked in your lap while you watch your favorite TV show or spend time with your family. Best of all, you'll have a beautiful work of art to show for all your efforts when you're done.

3. Create one-of-a-kind gifts.

Many people are difficult to shop for. Luckily, handmade gifts never go out of style. Custom needlepoint canvases make excellent gifts for parents, children, colleagues, and friends. When making a needlepoint canvas as a gift, start by thinking about the likes and interests of your intended recipient. Choosing a design that's thematically appropriate will ensure that your recipient feels loved and cared for when they receive your gift. Needlepoint is fine and delicate work, which means that your loved one will be able to see the love you put into every stitch.

4. Improve your needlepoint skills over time.

Needlepoint is an art form like any other. Like any other skill, you'll get better at needlepoint the more you practice. Embroidering needlepoint design canvases is a great way to work on your sewing techniques. To avoid frustration, you should choose an easy design for your first attempt at needlepoint. As you grow more confident with a needle and thread, you can start to choose more elaborate designs. Soon, you may find yourself embroidering large, complex needlepoint canvases that you could only dream about as a beginner.  

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