3 Types of Children's Vintage Costume Jewelry You Could Sell

Children's dressers and toy boxes end up getting filled up with a lot of stuff through the years. You could have boxes of items from your children or from your own childhood. Instead of just taking up a lot of space, you could rummage through boxes to collect all of the vintage costume jewelry you own.

You could send the pieces to vintage costume jewelry buyers and make some money on the sought-after pieces. Check out some of the more common pieces children might have and why those pieces could appeal to jewelry buyers

1. Halloween Costume Jewelry

Through the years, you or your child may have dressed up in Halloween costumes that required specific jewelry pieces. Examples include princesses, royal characters from movies, or costumes that represent different eras like the 1950s or 1960s.

If you have specific storage areas for old Halloween costumes, look through the costumes and see what old jewelry you can find. In some cases, costumes came with jewelry, but you also may have needed to purchase costume jewelry to go with a purchased or homemade costume.

2. Character Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry may include a lot of different characters from pop culture and cater to children. Look to see if you have pieces that feature popular characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. Along with regular store purchases, many theme parks may have sold costume jewelry as well. Examples include charm bracelets, pins, and necklaces.

In some cases, the use of characters in the jewelry could add to the value of a piece. A full evaluation will determine what the true value and demand for the pieces could bring. If you have any of the character-based jewelry in the original packages, then you could increase the value as well.

3. Inherited Costume Jewelry

As children grow up, they may inherit some special gifts and items from grandparents and other relatives. Those items could include a large assortment of costume jewelry. While the jewelry may have seemed worthless at the time or to be used for fun, you could make a lot of money off of the sale of the jewelry.

Check old jewelry boxes and other areas to see where pieces have piled up. Think back to when you were gifted with pieces of jewelry from relatives of your own. They could all make a big difference and help you really profit from the jewelry pieces.

Check out the process to have your jewelry fully evaluated so you can gather and sell pieces from your home. 

For more info, contact a local vintage costume jewelry buyer

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