Image Engraving Ideas For Glass Plaques

If you're planning to order some corporate plaques to hand out to your employees, you might be leaning toward choosing glass plaques. Plaques in this material have a stylish look, and you'll often be able to choose from several different glass colors to ensure that your plaques have the exact look you want. It's common to have the front of a glass plaque engraved with several lines of text, but you may not realize that many companies can also customize plaques to have images engraved on them. The right image at the top or bottom of the plaque's front surface can add to its overall look. Here are three image engraving ideas. 

Company Logo

A good engraving option to consider for your plaques is to have your company's logo appear. The presence of your logo can give each plaque a truly custom look that stands out when the plaque is on display. You'll want the logo sized based on the amount of text that needs to appear. If you only have a few lines of text, you might choose to have the logo take up much of the top half of the plaque. For a design that will involve more text, the logo can appear smaller.


Another option to consider is having a portrait engraved onto the plaque. There are lots of different ways that you can approach this idea. For example, if you're launching an award in memory of a former colleague who recently passed away, you may want to have an engraving of this person appear on the plaque. You might be surprised at how lifelike engravings of people can be on glass plaques; don't hesitate to ask your local corporate plaque company to show you some examples of similar engraving jobs that it has done in the past to help you get a sense of the quality.


Given the popularity of emojis in today's society, it can be fun to order some plaques that feature engraved emojis. People immediately recognize these images, and seeing them on a glass plaque in a work context can surprise and amuse your staff. Lots of emojis can be appropriate to use. For example, if you're ordering some plaques to celebrate team members who went above and beyond on a certain project, you might favor a trophy-shaped emoji or a thumbs-up emoji.

Talk to a corporate plaque company about these and other image ideas for more information.

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